How to deal with alienation as a new vegan

Because we live in a speciesist society that has normalized the practice of engaging with other animals in an exploitative manner, when you go vegan you may feel  alienated at times as a result of you no longer upholding this dominant belief system. Here are some tips to counter that feeling if and when it comes over you.

TIP 1 : take the time to decolonize your veganism and develop your praxis

If you fail to engage with others in a way that isn’t accusatory or inflamed, you won’t encourage them to divest from speciesism and you’ll feel more alienated because you won’t be able to bridge the gap. Decolonizing your veganism is key to feeling less alienated because you’ll inspire people to change through compassion as opposed to through shame.

TIP 2 :  develop a personality outside of veganism

When you first go vegan it’s easy to make veganism into your entire life . That’s cute, but your loved ones are on their own journeys. Rather than turn into a veganovah’s witness, sharing  footage of slaughterhouses 24/7, meet your loved ones where they’re at and have conversations about veganism when THEY bring it up.

TIP 3 : be confident !

If you seem miserable, it will be difficult to convince your loved ones to go vegan. And, if you give off the impression that you are deprived, your family will think that veganism = deprivation so fix your attitude!

You are living in line with the belief that all sentient beings deserve to live a life free of undue harm and that is a beautiful thing.

Until next time!

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